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"All of them are ready to travel..." – Pep Guardiola pre Watford Press Conference

Facing the media ahead of tomorrow's visit to Vicarage Road, Pep Guardiola discussed the fitness status of his squad – providing a very positive update, the title race, individual awards, Fernandinho and Rodri comparisons, why Bernardo Silva is the best in the league, and having so many different goalscorers.


Firstly, Pep on the fitness of the squad:

"Except Ferran, all of them are ready to travel to Watford. Much better [to have a healthier squad], I said before Villa we need everyone much better."
Photo courtesy of Catherine Ivill/Getty Images

Pep on the title race being potentially 'the best' ever:

"Every season is the same question after 15, 16 questions, the most exciting Premier League in the universe. It's nice but it's 1/4 of the season. All teams are good, many games to play. European games back in February, FA Cup in January. So far, at City, we are satisfied with what we have done so far."

Pep on individual award nominations for November:

"Don't focus on individual awards, they are good for communication, the show must go on. The teams play the same, don't pay much attention to the awards. They normally are won by the teams who win. It doesn't mean they are the best. If I am awarded it's because of the players, I didn't score one goal. If Joao or Bernardo are nominated it's because there are nine or ten more players... consistent in the way we play, for the people, our fans."
Photo courtesy of Naomi Baker/Getty Images

Pep on consistency:

"We don't know what is going to happen at Watford. One month ago we are playing at a high level. We have to prove again. I know how difficult the opponents are, if we drop points it'll be more difficult. On Wednesday I was really impressed with the way they fought, their rhythm. I'm pleased."

Pep on Ranieri:

"Football has to be grateful to still live with important people like Claudio. In his career is amazing, Leicester is the benchmark. In Spain, Italy, France, I admire this type of person. What they have done, the passion, energy. When they lost against Liverpool the press conference after the confidence he showed. I admire a lot still they have this passion, this energy. Will be a pleasure to see him again, I know the results against him aren't good. I know what to do, against United they played well, against Chelsea a really good game. Against Leicester, they lost but had more chances. We have to be careful tomorrow and do another good performance."

Pep on Fernandinho and Rodri comparisons:

"[It's like] when you ask me the best full-backs in my career, Dani Alves, Philipp Lahm, Kyle Walker. Fernandinho is Fernandinho, Rodri is Rodri. Fernandinho is still with us and has done for this club on the pitch, the people don't know off the pitch which is amazing. Rodri is 23, 24. Everything is a process. Last season he played good, maybe the last part of the season drop a little bit but we gave him more minutes last season you have to be careful this season. The fact we are out of the Carabao Cup is good for that. He is playing at an extraordinary level, the consistency. Not one game, he has to be here, 7, 8, 7, 8 all the time. Cannot be 3 or 4 because it destroys the team, cannot be 10 because 10 is for the strikers. He is playing this consistency, defensively, offensively. Top."
Photo courtesy of Naomi Baker/Getty Images

Pep on Bernardo Silva being the best in the league:

"Take a [look at] video in Anfield, in Stamford Bridge, in the last game. You will know it."
Photo courtesy of Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Pep on 17 different goalscorers:

"No secret. We have no top scorer upfront who creates something out of nothing. We have to do it as a team, it's good everyone is involved and has the permission to score goals. I never said in my career 'don't score a goal.' They have the feeling to go and try."

Written by: @NA1907_ All quotes as quoted by Manchester Evening News and Manchester City. Follow our Twitter account for reliable, live updates on all the latest news surrounding this story and everything Manchester City in real time.


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