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"Liverpool are still our biggest challengers" - Pep Guardiola pre Liverpool Press Conference

Pep Guardiola speaks to the media ahead of a huge game for Manchester City away at Anfield on Sunday - he spoke of how much of a threat Liverpool still are despite their recent form, give fitness updates on Kyle Walker, John Stones, and Kalvin Phillips, as well as Anfield's 'famous' atmosphere.


John Stones, Kyle Walker, and Kalvin Phillips updates:

"All of them will be out [of the Liverpool game]."
"John [Stones] I think will be back I don't know when but maybe one week, ten days. Kalvin [Phillips] is getting better and is improving a lot. Kyle [Walker] is still out."
"I don't know [if they will be back for the World Cup]."

Erling Haaland latest:

"I said before, yeah [he's fit to face Liverpool]."

More on Haaland:

"I don't know [if he is revolutionary]. He is who he is as a football player with his movement and his pace and his potential. I don't know if it's revolutionary, he's one of the best so far there's no doubt about that."
"I dont know the plan [for the World Cup] maybe ten days two weeks go away on holiday with families, then two weeks to reignite our rhythm before we come back after the world Cup."
"I don’t know [if Harry Kane would score more goals than Erling Haaland for Manchester City]. I don’t have the ability to know what would happen if Harry Kane was here. Alan [Shearer] was a striker maybe he knows better than me."

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Liverpool, away:

"Always difficult, since we arrived together. It's special."
"The opinion I have of this team, nothing changes because of their place in the table."
"Always have been [Manchester City's biggest challengers]. Yeah. Cause I know the quality they have. If it was like this with 10 games left I would say I don't think they can catch but now anything can happen."
"You have to behave at top top level, especially off the ball, for second balls many, many things. At Anfield, winning or losing we always play with big personality."
"It's one of the biggest ones [atmospheres], nicest ones, it's a joy to be there and be apart of the game. It's a football game Liverpool's importance is the quality they have."
"This type of players [Salah and Firmino] always score goals in their career. If they are struggling a bit, sometimes not at their best, the quality is there. They are so good, they scored the goals in the last game, we played many times against them, Salah scores always - we know that."

Contract talk:

"As you know, I'm not thinking one second about that. Two or three weeks before the World Cup this [game] is the most important thing."

City are in the Champions League knockouts:

"No, I don't know [if it is an advantage to qualify early ahead of the Liverpool game]. It's important that we've qualified for the last 16, the game will be dictated and what will happen will happen on the pitch, not because of the table."


"We have a lot of games like all the teams. Players are recovering better. Erling [Haaland]could not play all the games last season. Bernardo [Silva] was tired, but they feel good and are ready for Sunday."

Phil Foden:

"Phil [Foden] is a threat, always produces something special, he is an important player for many things. It's a new game, we have to start from zero."

City's consistency - finishing first, and if not, second:

"This is our biggest achievement as a team. Everything can change. A few months ago Liverpool were competing for a prestigious situation in English football, four titles, they had more shots, possession, everything in the final and they lost. This is the same team, same manager, things can happen. It's part of the nature of the competition. I don't look at good moments or bad moments I analyse as a team always expecting the best of them. Nothing changes the opinion I have about them."


Written by: @coIgcra

Some quotes as quoted by Manchester Evening News and Manchester City.

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