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  • Colin Cranmer

"Bernardo Silva is staying" - Pep Guardiola pre Crystal Palace Press Conference

Pep Guardiola confirms Bernardo Silva will stay at Manchester City this season, as well as briefly discussing the Champions League group stage draw ahead of Crystal Palace at home in the Premier League this Saturday.


That's that, then...

"Bernardo Silva is staying. We haven't had any phone call from any club for him. That's why he will stay."

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Sevilla, Borussia Dortmund, and Copenhagen await in the Champions League:

"The draw is the draw, it is what it is. I’ve not spoken to him [Erling Haaland], but I guess he’ll be pleased with playing against [Borussia] Dortmund. We don't have much time but I will start to get to know them more deeply."

Team news (or not):

"We train this afternoon and we will know exactly the situation with everyone."

City have lost 2 out of 54 Saturday 3pm games, both to Crystal Palace at home:

"It’s a good record, to lose two out of 54 games. If I could sign for that again, I would..."

"That shows how good they are. With [Roy] Hodgson and now Patrick Vieira. They have resilience and incredible amount of quality. They defend the 18-yard box really well, good set pieces, good transitions. They have weapons, experienced players in the middle."

Players worried about getting injured for the World Cup?

"I don't think the players play thinking of the World Cup. If they get injured they get injured, they could get injured walking on the street. It is what it is."


Written by: @coIgcra

Some quotes as quoted by Manchester Evening News and Manchester City.

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