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Brazilians 'to play', KDB 'much better', Foden trains - Pep Guardiola Pre Leicester Press Conference

Ahead of City's trip to Leicester on Saturday afternoon Pep Guardiola spoke to the media to discuss the Brazilian situation, Kevin De Bruyne, Phil Foden, and much more.

First up, Pep's thoughts on the current issue with Brazilian players being threatened with five day bans after clubs refused to let them leave for international duty.

"Right now at 1.35 it isn't clear. Hopefully they can play we'll wait and see if there is good news. The club didn't inform me anything. We will wait tomorow if they can play or not. The problem is I don't understand the situation for what we have to do. It's an honour for us leave or no leave to play for the national teams. No problem at all, it's difficult for the fact that Argentina players go to Brazil and can't play. Brazilian players when they shouldn't travel would have been the same. They travel there, don't allowed to play for quarantine. If they do it so they can't play in Brazil and come back and can't play here. If they don't fly, they are suspended because they are here. It makes no sense."

Now the latest on Zack Steffen, who is isolating, and Phil Foden and Kevin De Bruyne who have both been pictured in training this week.

"He's in USA. Isolated because of the positive. After ten days and two PCRs will be made he will be back."
"Yesterday Phil makes the first training session. Kevin trained good the last week, part alone, part with 3 or 4 players here. He feels much better."
Kevin trained good the last week, part alone, part with 3 or 4 players here. He feels much better."

Pep was asked on how serious the club's interest in Ronaldo was and if he spoke to the attacker during the window.

"The window is closed, the subject is over until the winter. It's not my business to talk to players of other clubs."

Pep was asked on when he will decide on his goalkeeper for tomorrow.

"About when we'll know is a good question. About the squad, he's in our squad because he's able to play, fully confident (on Carson)."

Could the Brazilians feature without a FIFA decision confirmed?

"We are going to wait tomorrow. Right now I think they are going to play because I don't have other instructions. About all the clubs going together I am not a big fan, everyone thinks for themselves. For my experience, what I heard, the PL made a meeting saying 'we are going to do it' then after that people go for what is the best for themselves. We will wait for Fifa and the Premier League and after tomorrow we decide."
"Right now I think they are going to play because I don't have other instructions."

Pep was asked if he agrees with the September international break.

"It is what it is, every season the same. We don't have time to prepare the team, after three games, long weeks to prepare. Then they go international break and another in three weeks. It's happened the last ten years. Adjust, and adapt what you have to do."

And finally, Pep on the Torres/Vardy comparisons.

"I didn't compare Torres with Vardy, I said Ferran had quite similar movements. Ferran has to eat a lot of soups in the dinner time to be compared with Vardy what he has done in his career."

Writer: j2mcfc

All quotes as quoted by Manchester Evening News.

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