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  • Colin Cranmer

"Burnley..." - Pep Guardiola pre Burnley Press Conference

A very brief press conference from Pep Guardiola as he gave a availability update on Manchester City's squad after the international break, gave his thoughts on the five substitution rule that will be brought in the Premier League from next season, among a few other subjects.


Fitness update:

"Ruben [Dias] and Cole Palmer are out. The rest are fit."
"He [Ruben Dias] is out. I don't know. The doctor said for four to six weeks. We need 10 days or two weeks more."
"The plan depends on the players when I saw them for the training today and yesterday."

On the five substitution rule:

"Why [an advantage for big clubs? We don't play twelve against eleven. It's healthy for the players when they play this amount of games and [for us] with less players. When you can make more substitutions, you can rotate more the players that deserve to play. They can be involved."

Looking ahead:

"We have a lot of games. Eight potential nine games. The selection is not for the next game. People come back from the national teams. It's not the first time we face it. So far we have done incredibly well."

Pep on Burnley:

"Burnley away is always tough especially the way they play. I have incredible respect for Sean Dyche for many years, the consistent way they play shows he’s a good manager."
Photo courtesy of Getty Images

Playing after Liverpool:

"Playing after Liverpool makes no difference to us. By the end of the weekend we’ll know the results [and our position in the table]. We have nine games this month. We don’t select for the next game, just to win the next one."

Andriy Kravchuk training with City:

"I know what Oleks [Zinchenko] has done for his country is amazing. Not just this [bringing Andriy Kravchuk to the club], many things to help his citizens."

Guardiola on the title race with Liverpool:



Written by: @coIgcra

Some quotes as quoted by Manchester Evening News and Manchester City.

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