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"Erling Haaland feels better, but..." - Pep Guardiola pre Leicester Press Conference

Pep Guardiola discussed the availability of Erling Haaland after his half-time substitution in Dortmund on Tuesday, as well as talking about City's opposition in Leicester this Saturday, and the chances of Kyle Walker and Kalvin Phillips being available for England at the World Cup.


Erling Haaland latest:

"He feels better but we will train this afternoon and we will assess in a few hours. We will see how he is feeling and then we will decide [if he can play against Leicester]."

Julian Alvarez ready to step in if needed:

"Normally if Erling [Haaland] is not ready, Julian [Alvarez] is the first option - he can play false nine but I think this is not going to happen. When Erling [Haaland] is not ready then Julian [Alvarez] is the first option [as a striker]."
"[If he] play[ed] ninety minutes every game and he will score goals, maybe not like Erling [Haaland], but he will score goals."

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Will Ederson be in goal against Leicester?


The latest, in general:

"Everyone had trained well. I have to wait until they come back [this afternoon] and see how they feel."

Kalvin Phillips and Kyle Walker latest:

"They are getting better, Kalvin [Phillips] especially, but they are both out [for the game against Leicester]."
"They are positive, optimistic - they are in touch with Gareth [Southgate]. I don't know [if they will be ready for the World Cup], hopefully they can be ready to be selected."
"He [Kalvin Phillips] feels really well, his mobility in his shoulder is perfect. He has to avoid contact with his teammates at the moment."
"If he [Kalvin Phillips] is fit and I believe he can play then maybe he can make some minutes [for Manchester City before the World Cup]."

Away form concern?

"No. Always we have been good away, even better at home. In general we are very good in many things."

On Manuel Akanji:

"You never know when a player comes what is going to happen, as you say he has adapted well, we are delighted with his attitude and how he is in the locker room."

Players wary of injuries before the World Cup?

"I would say no, because I am not in the mind of the players. I can't talk on this subject. I am pretty sure they have on eye on World Cup. Unfortunately many, many players got injured and will miss the World Cup, it's a big blow for them. But I don't know - it's just two weeks before the end, so now it's the last effort [to be ready], to not get injuries and to be focused and play to maximum in the games. When you lose your attention is when you are at risk [of getting injured]."

Talking Brenan Rodgers:

"In the bad moments he reacts incredibly well. The important thing is how you handle it when it's not going well. You have seen they have lost one game in their last four or five so that means they are back."


Written by: @coIgcra

Some quotes as quoted by Manchester Evening News and Manchester City.

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