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"Everything can change but the mentality is the same!" - Pep Guardiola pre Chelsea Press Conference

Ahead of this weekend's meeting with Thomas Tuchel's Chelsea in the FA Cup semi-final, Pep Guardiola spoke to the media to discuss a range of topics, including his views on Tuchel and his side, a team news update and the blues' mentality.

First up was the latest on the team news.

"[Sergio is] not fit yet. [Everyone else] is ok. Tired but in a good mood."

Pep Guardiola was then asked about Foden's pathway under his guidance.

"It's not about what we believe in the past, it is what they show on the grass. Footballers have to show every single day. Journalists want to talk about the past and the future. The future in the football is the present. It doesn't matter what you have done, it is what you have to do today. Today everyone is involved, talking on social media and the players have to talk on the grass. It is the only way they can defend their prestige. Phil in that case, everything we get right now is on the grass, not in any other situations. He will continue being there depending on his performances, not what he has done so far."
"He will continue being there depending on his performances, not what he has done so far."

Guardiola was then asked if Foden and Sterling can play together.

"If you know a little bit the trajectory of this team and the selections, the answer is obvious. Of course they can play together, they have played many times together. Phil can play in five positions and Raz can play in three. It depends on them."

Guardiola also isn't surprised by the impeccable job Thomas Tuchel has done so far, with the German coach in two semi-finals with his new club.

"I know him from Mainz. When I was in Munich, after he went to Dortmund and spent one or two games playing exactly the way he wanted to play. It was difficult to take over a team during the season but he has a lot of experience winning at a top club like PSG and now another club at Chelsea. I knew from the beginning he would do a good job."

Pep was then asked about how difficult this game would be given the blues' exploits in Europe on Wednesday, but the boss said it's much easier after qualifying.

"It is much easier. Imagine playing that game after not qualifying for the CL semi-finals. It would be tougher. I would love to have more days to enjoy our qualification, recover better for the game, but the schedule is the schedule and when you are a contender in all the competitions you have this schedule. The guys are training well and tomorrow they are going to face one of the best teams in Europe and try to do a good performance to reach the final."

After reaching the Champions League semi-final, the pressure on City to complete the quadruple has ramped up. Pep was asked if this week is important and if it's possible.

"You know my answer to this lovely question. We are not in the position to talk much further. I said in my first answer. You want to talk about the future and the reality is the training today and the game tomorrow. The rest I don't care. I couldn't care less."

With the games ramping up in importance despite any break in the schedule, Pep was asked if KDB might be afforded a rest.

"He's arriving in a good feeling. he was outstanding against Leicester after the international break, he didn't play against Leeds to involve everyone but Dortmund good. He is arriving for the next six weeks in the best condition physically and mentally. Signing a contract with the club is not just good for him but for the club and everyone. Hopefully, he can continue at this level."
"Signing a contract with the club is not just good for him but for the club and everyone."

Guardiola was then asked whether he thought Tuchel's style was boring or not.

"Every manager plays in the way they play. Frank did an incredible job in the first season when he could not sign players and qualified for the Champions League. I admire both as a person and a manager. Tomorrow we face Thomas. He knows how I admire him and how good he is as a manager. It will be a good battle."

After breaking the Anfield curse and making it to the Champions League semi-final, Pep was asked if this is the strongest City have ever been.

"We were always strong as a team but the margin in a Champions League knockout game is so minor. Everything can change but the team is the same and the mentality is the same. I don't want to judge the whole season on one or two games. When one team arrives in the final stages fighting for all competitions the players get my respect and congratulations. We didn't have a break from last season and look what we have done. Of course the results help a lot and we cannot deny how the backroom staff are all delighted to be in the semi-finals of the Champions League but sometimes when it is tough and you need time and you spend a lot to get something that's why it is so nice. It is like life. Everything you get immediately or without effort is not nice. We know how difficult it was to reach the semi-final and that is why the happiness is even higher. We would have loved to have reached the semi-finals before but we were there every season and next season we will be there in the Champions League trying again. We know we can reach the semi-finals now and that will be the target next season. Sometimes it is important to take the step but it is important to be stable as a club and fight again."
"Everything can change but the team is the same and the mentality is the same."

All quotes as quoted by Manchester Evening News. The rest of the press conference will be released at 22:30 BST.

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