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"I apologize to Steven Gerrard" - Pep Guardiola pre Arsenal Press Conference

Short and sweet from Pep Guardiola ahead of the Wednesday night top of the table Premier League clash between Arsenal and Manchester City at the Emirates, where the City boss delivered an apology, talked about the club's 'togetherness', and discussed Mikel Arteta.


Apology to Steven Gerrard:

"I apologise to Steven Gerrard for my unnecessary and stupid comments I said last time about him. He knows how I admire him for what he has done in the country. I am ashamed of myself, he doesn't deserve it. I truly believe my comments [were] about defending my club, but I didn't represent my club well putting his name in these stupid comments. I apologize to him privately but like the comment was public my apology must be public as well. I am so sorry to him, his kids, wife, family. It was stupid."

Erling Haaland fitness update:

"We train this afternoon. Right now I don’t know [if he's available for the Arsenal match]. Yesterday was about recovery from Aston Villa. That’s all."

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Arsenal up next:

"So far they are the best team in the Premier League. We felt it a couple of weeks ago. The commitment, they are sharp. It will be a big, big battle. In the departments, you have to be ready."
"It's important cause we can take the points, [and] the best team so far could not. But after Nottingham Forest, Champions League, FA Cup, six games away. I have a feeling many things can happen. Tomorrow can help us to be there but there are many games, tough games. We can not deny it's important to prove ourselves, handle the many aspects well."
"I lost with Barcelona [at the Emirates], so don't worry [that I haven't lost with City there]. [This is the toughest test at the Emirates] Since I am in England, yeah definitely."

Manchester City's togetherness:

"I do not truly believe one week ago we are out of form and now we're back in form. Every game is different, you can play good and win and everything is perfect but tomorrow you could lose. [There are] many games to play. Tomorrow is an important one, everyone knows it, and we'll try to do our best."
"Listen, after Arsenal [in the FA Cup] there was this togetherness, they are incredible human beings I have no complaints. Everyone makes mistakes, me first. The mood is good, really, really good for many years. Many things happen, success, sometimes little things must be adjusted to understand things differently. We are delighted to be together not because we win against Villa or lose against Spurs."

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"I don't know. I know there is a lot of VAR last couple of days, the people told me, but I don't know..."

Mikel Arteta experience at City an advantage in title race?

"The [past] time was mainly Liverpool, we can't say Liverpool didn't have the 'experience' under pressure. I would say if there is three or four games left and the difference is one point, maybe it could be important. As I said there are lot of points to play, this is important but there are many."


Written by: @coIgcra

Some quotes as quoted by Manchester Evening News and Manchester City.

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