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  • Colin Cranmer

"I'm so upset, they will be fined for that!" - Pep Guardiola pre Brentford Press Conference

A fairly short and sweet Pep Guardiola conference given it has only been a couple of days since his last - the boss spoke on the City players who went on a night out, gave a fitness update and spoke about Christian Eriksen's return to football with Brentford.


Pep on the night out involving Jack Grealish, Kyle Walker and Riyad Mahrez:

"So upset, because they didn’t invite me. Next time they will invite me. The video didn’t show what happened. Dinner together, sober. They were all perfect but they will be fined because they didn’t invite me."
Photo courtesy of Getty Images

Pep gives a team news update:

"Except Gabriel [Jesus], the rest is fit. Cole Palmer is also out. Cole and Gabriel out - the rest fit. Soon [Jesus] will be ready. I spoke with him this morning and he feels good but he is not perfect, a few niggles - muscular. We have to be careful."

Pep speaks on the future:

"I'm here six years because we won a lot. I came because many people convinced me. It [staying longer] depends on the results. No more than that. I have one and and half years left on my contract, which is a long time when you look around at world football."

On Chrstian Eriksen's return to football:

"It's great news that he came back to play the game that he loves and the game he does exceptionally well. I'm pretty sure they took all the right measures so that he won't suffer this scare again. Fortunately he can come back and it will be nice to see him tomorrow."

Pep was asked if he is a 'defensive manager':

"At times. We defend with the ball. I always believe that when the opponent does not have the ball, that is the best way to defend. The less the opponent has the ball, then the less chance they have to score. Fulham have the most time with the ball in the Championship so it's the same there."


Written by: @coIgcra

Some quotes as quoted by Manchester Evening News and Manchester City.

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