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"I could stay forever, not a better place to be" - Pep Guardiola pre Liverpool Press Conference

Pep Guardiola was in a vibrant mood ahead of the Liverpool match, offering some fascinating insight into Liverpool, his own team, how he is feeling these days and how happy he is at Manchester City ahead of the huge clash in the Premier League this Sunday.


Pep has been linked with the Brazil job this week:

"Not today, come on. I'm under contract here, I'm so happy here. I'm willing to stay forever here. Cannot be a better place to be [than Manchester City]. I'd extend the contract ten years but I could not extend the contract ten years. Now is not the moment. I don't know where it's come from."

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Liverpool are the opposition:

"I admire what they do, how good they are. I enjoy this challenge."
"I don't know [if the winner will win the title]. It will be massive important three points but still remains seven games. Important, of course it is."
"The times we play against them, always are many decisions in the game. Many details in both sides. Both teams are good. We try to discover the weak points they have which are few. We try to exploit it, try to be ourselves. We play already many times, not just Premier League, always was interesting games."
"We play many times, more times [than Barcelona against Real Madrid]. Jose [Mourinho] is an exciting manager and we had the rivalry in Barcelona. In five years here we play many times, all the times we were close. I faced in Munich with Jurgen. How we set up the teams here we were close many times. Every season except the year we got 100 points and the year they got 99 points we were tight."
"We know we are going to defend parts and sit back. Not because we want but almost impossible for what they do. They make the pitch wider and higher, quality in the middle. Four, five years ago they were more direct, not too much between the lines. Now they have a good build up with Alisson, Matip, Thiago drops, threats in behind, Alexander-Arnold is like an exhibition, deep runners in behind. Set pieces, every corner is a threat. The taker is good and the movement, of course they are there. That's why both of us are there, it's fascinating. To be champion again or fighting for it, really soon to be qualifying for the Champions League. We need the supporters in the bad moments and I'm sure the players will respond. They're ready for the challenge of Liverpool."
"We train today to sit back ninety minutes: 0-0, 0-0, 0-0. No, never in my life I play to draw."
"Nadal, Federer and Djokovic was twenty years and we [Manchester City and Liverpool] are five years. Footballers run quicker and to maintain success is more difficult than other sports. When I retire and watch and play golf I remember here the biggest rivalry was Liverpool. When you achieve 100pts and 98 points you need someone to push from behind to be so close. You have to make another step. I think Liverpool, knowing our club and chairman, we want to grow. I'm sure Liverpool and other teams are going to try to do it. The most credit I give is consistency through the years. Both have had four or five years. That's why Federer, Nadal, Djokovic have been at the top for so long. Arriving at these stages to win the titles, we try to do it."
"Real Madrid made Barcelona better. Dortmund with Jurgen and Tuchel [made Bayern better]. Here, United and Chelsea change their managers but Liverpool, Jurgen has always been here [with Manchester City]. How consistent both clubs have been to improve what they need. It's obvious to say we grew up from day one."
"If we win I'd love it [a glass of wine with Jurgen Klopp]. I'll invite him! Jurgen makes world football a better place to live. His message, a huge competitor. It's good. I try to have a good relation with all the managers. I learned it's better not to have a relation with the others. He knows, we spoke together in Germany, the message and the way his teams play. He's a good guy and I don't have any problems with him."

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How is Pep feeling these days?

"I'm more relaxed. The week before the Champions League final too. I suffer more in October-December for the rhythm. I'm not nervous because we can win or lose but we give everything for our people. We know if we don't perform in our excellent way we don't have as much changes. Be solid until the last minute."

Set pieces:

"I'm not in charge of set pieces. Carlos [Vicens] is in charge. Today we talk about what we do. Corners and takes are good and they are taller so they are a threat and we have to accept."

Is Pep "the best manager in the world" - Jurgen Klopp's words:

"I didn't make a manager to be the best. I'm not. Thank you so much, but I'm not. I'd like to say I'm the best, but I'm not."
"I'd say incredible things about my team. It's not my intention to praise myself. My team are the best. The way we drop points is the way how good we are. How to benefit the sport winning and losing. Many years in this country how difficult it is. When people say City are the best, they want to put a net. I like to admit my players are exceptional. I don't want to say for the staff, who they are. Many years doing good things. It's not because we are ahead of anyone, it's because they are incredible. You see analysis of how they are. This is what I need personally to improve myself. Come on, lets try to beat them and what we can do to be better. I like to be here for Sunday's game. I sleep like a baby before it. I'm a bit upset with the Premier League because they put the game on when Tiger Woods is back!"

Team news:

"Everyone is fit. Not Ruben [and Cole Palmer]."


Written by: @coIgcra

Some quotes as quoted by Manchester Evening News and Manchester City.

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