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"I would love to talk Haaland, we'll have time to talk" - Pep Guardiola pre Wolves Press Conference

Pep Guardiola appeared as excited as all of us about the imminent arrival of Erling Haaland, but insisted he can't talk yet as it's not all done. He also talked about how tough Wolves will be, the rivalry with Liverpool at the top of the Premier League and how City are doing in general.


Erling Braut Haaland:

"Everybody knows the situation, I shouldn't talk because I don't like to talk about the future or next season. Borussia Dortmund and Man City told me I'm not allowed to say anything until it's completely done. We'll have time to talk."
"I'd love to talk, [but] they tell me don't say anything until the legal actions [are done]. We'll have time to talk, not because I don't want..."

Injury situation:

"Nothing changed after the game against Newcastle. We are who we are for the next three games with the players we have. We have problems in one department, the others will solve it."


"It's not about the last result at Stamford Bridge [2-2]. In the Premier League, the facts are here, for many reasons [they are good]. The transitions with Dendoncker, the counter play, the personality, the back five many years playing this system. The games they win, we know how good the team is. Hopefully we recover well from this last week and we can do a good game. This is the most important thing in our heads."

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"It's going to happen [Liverpool will be challenging], hopefully we can do it. It happens last four five years. Both teams have done another impressive season. We know what we have to do, we will try to be there. Tomorrow is a final for us, an opportunity to arrive in the last game here with the title in our hands. It's massive for us."
"Nothing changes, we can't affect Aston Villa vs Liverpool."

A number nine at Manchester City:

"We have a number nine, we have new players in the squad, some from the academy who come up next season. New players always help me try to be stronger, not a good defender will solve out defensive problems and not a good striker will solve scoring problems. Since day one is like this apart from one period at the beginning of the season, we score lots and concede few. The club always has to have a vision for the future. The decision the club takes I'm always aware and one hundred per cent supportive."

Manchester City:

"We are new as a club this last decade to be there. The mindset for everyone, not just ourselves. Only I can say inside, backroom staff, chairman, owner, CEO, sporting director, we all know how difficult it is and how proud we are of what we have done. Hopefully we continue in the future. We know how difficult, after that the opinions are absolutely acceptable. Everyone knows how difficult it is."


Written by: @coIgcra

Some quotes as quoted by Manchester Evening News and Manchester City.

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