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"It's our fault, not Erling Haaland's fault!" - Pep Guardiola pre Bournemouth Press Conference

Pep Guardiola spoke Erling Haaland, Bournemouth, formations, and gave fitness updates on Kevin De Bruyne, Amyeric Laporte, and John Stones in his pre match press conference ahead of Manchester City's trip to Bournemouth in the Premier League this Saturday.


Fitness latest:

"I think Kevin [De Bruyne] is back [in training], Aymeric [Laporte] I don't think so, John [Stones] maybe will do partial... I will know within the next few hours."
"We will see [their availability for Bournemouth], maybe Kevin [De Bruyne] but the other two I don't think so..."

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Erling Haaland frustrated:

"It's our fault. Erling has been good all season. It's not metrics, when I finish the game one second later I know if he was involved or not and who should be involved more or not. I don't need numbers or metrics - I know exactly."
"Yes of course, it depends on us. We need to look for him a little more."

"In the last game [against RB Leipzig], you are right [he didn't touch the ball enough] but against Nottingham: no, against Arsenal: no. He had the chances in the first and second half. We talked about that many times - it's going to happen. Striker is the most difficult position, one man has two defender and with Erling it's more. Lately in the last game I would agree, I said more control, more passes. Really intense in the first half, in the second we dropped a little bit and that's why we struggled. Against Leipzig you're going to struggle. In that game we should have looked for him more."
"It's fine [that he's frustrated], I'm frustrated too, you get frustrated in your life too sometimes I'm sure. Happiness is overestimated!"

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Let's talk tactics:

"I don't know if making substitutions is about tactics, 4-3-3, 4-2-3-1, whatever telephone numbers. I'm not concerned, Kevin [De Bruyne] was not there, Aymer[ic Laporte], John [Stones]. The second half I wanted to make a change: maybe Phil [Foden] or Julian [Alvarez] in a position close to Erling [Haaland] to be more aggressive but after we concede the goal we were good. When the situation is going more or less well I don't like to change things around normally, when I don't like what I see I will but I don't like to move things around."

On Bournemouth:

"Different manager [Gary O'Neil], this short time. They won against Wolves, quite impressed. They do nice and really good things."

City easier to deal with?

"Always I stay positive, the other ones are doing a good job. We have done in general really well home and away for many years and this season is not an exception."

Four away games in a row:

"Well, Nottingham just three days I was really impressed after Arsenal, then three days we go to Leipzig a really demanding game. It's a question to consider, our athleticism is there but we have to be cautious."

How many teams are in the title race?

"Take a look at the table to know that! I would expect when I get here everyone warned me this is not the same as Spain or Germany, 'welcome to the UK' - unfortunately, it's been a two horse race, but now finally there is more."


Written by: @colgeogcra

Some quotes as quoted by Manchester Evening News and Manchester City.

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