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"Kyle Walker did a stupid thing and he deserved it" - Pep and Ederson pre Sporting Lisbon Presser

Ederson and Pep Guardiola speak ahead of Manchester City's second leg at home against Sporting Lisbon after a commanding 5-0 victory in the first leg. Ederson touched on his progress since leaving Benfica and Pep discussed Walker's red card, [lack of] team news and Fernandinho.


Pep providing some team news:

"He’s [ZInchenko] ready, not an easy period for him, absolutely not but I think he’d be ready if he has to play."
"We don’t have many players, just 14 available, a few problems, Kyle [Walker] suspended, Joao [Cancelo] is sick, of course, we had an incredible result in the first leg, football is unpredictable, red cards, quality of opponent, we’ll take a top side as much as possible. Not many alternatives but will do the best team possible to win the game."
"Yeah he’s [Nathan Ake] out too. Right now nobody else, but just three defenders so have to look at the second team and see what we have to do. We look at the training session and see what we have to do."
He's [Luke Mbete] trained with us for a long time, application is so high, still young but tomorrow he’ll be with the squad and maybe we will need him - we will see."
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De Bruyne is one card from suspension:

"Yeah – a little bit [worried], maybe not start, we’ll see."

Nathan Ake will be back soon:

"Next days I think he will be back but tomorrow too risky, with Ruben out we cannot risk it, I know we have good breaks but after this game we have recovery for everyone but we cannot lose Nathan it’s too risky."

Premier League is strong in Europe:

"United had incredible result at tough place [at Atletico], Chelsea did incredible job [against Lille] normally we have the game to find the goals, in Portugal we found the goals, didn’t do anything special but sometimes it happens like this. The sporting players want to perform well, we have to be ready, we can’t do stupid things, can’t concede counter attacks, play just to keep a result is not the best way – we want to try to win the game."

Is the double possible?

"It can happen, that’s true, we have to recover people otherwise so difficult with 14 or 15 players you cannot sustain as much, we need the squad. We are going to try, every season when we are fighting for both, we reach the semi-final ad final, the treble – it’s just the next one, reach the quarter-final and step by step we’ll see."

Pep was seething with Kyle Walker's red card:

"Kyle Walker deserved the three, he did a stupid thing and he deserved it. I'm not so kind to Kyle for this kind of action. I am still so angry with him. He knows it. He's so important Kyle Walker for us, see how he played against United? Against Leipzig he did this action when we had qualified, on 75 or 80 minutes, he deserved it. The club appealed, I do not agree. Hopefully, he learn for the future. I said right after the game he deserved it."
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So then, who's playing at full-back?

"I don't know yet. I'll think about it. Tell me solutions! *John Stones and Fernandinho are suggested* And who? Fernandninho maybe? we’ll speak with some players. I don't know we have training I will see. We have players in the academy and maybe we'll use them."


"This kind of thing comes from himself. Fernadninho in this case, him and Kevin De Bruyne have been in all the meetings for the last six years and when we're playing they know what needs to happen. At half-time when we have time to fix things they talk and every player has the freedom to do so. I love it when players talk about the game."
"In terms of how the people respect Mikel [Arteta] and him then definitely [they're similar]. About knowledge, passion, license to be manager I didn't speak with that about Fernaidnoh but a holding midfielder, captain, he is thinking about the club, he has everything to be a manager."
"I would love it [stay another season at City]. I'm so glad to have him he's an incredible captain and player. I have a feeling now at 36, 37, he struggled a little bit coming back from holidays but now he's getting his rhythm. For him he doesn't care, he will play against Peterborough. Other players his age wouldn't want to play there in cold weather, but he wants to help to give rest to Rodri. At the end of the season Txiki and the club have to decide."

Finally, on Sporting:

"Normally Portugal is Porto, Benfica and the club a few years ago was in real trouble but new people turn it around, excellent manager and are champions. We found the goals quick, quick sometimes it happens. And after it's easy when we can control and the result is good. But I have a lot of respect for the job they are doing."


Ederson on Zinchenko:

"It's a very difficult moment for him. It's his country. His family are there. Living these anguishing moments. For us who don't live there it is difficult. Can you imagine what it is like for him? It is hard to see your teammate suffer and the civilians suffering in the country. It's a very difficult topic."
We try to give him strength and bring some joy into his day but we know how difficult that is. I hope it resolves and the country can get back to normality. It will be very difficult due to the damage being done, the amount of innocent people that are dying due to a war that is nothing to do with them."

Winning the Champions League and Premier League?

"Yes of course. We know they are very difficult competitions that demand a lot of the squad. There' a lot of physical and emotional tiredness. last season we had the opportunity but lost in the final. Our goal is to go into every tournament to win. We have to take things step by step to progress. We know there are challenges in every competitions. Every game has its own challenges and we have to take things step by step to achieve great things in the future."

Fernandinho the coach:

"I wouldn't say a coach, he's got very strong leadership within the squad. He'a a very important and experienced player. He's been at City the longest. He's more than a captain, he guides the young players and supports the more experienced players. he helps us a lot in our day to day work. We know how important he is in the squad, he is a fundamental figure for our team and that reflects upon the eight years he's been here at Manchester City. He's in his ninth year and I hope he can continue doing this work."
"I don't know what his intentions are but I think the club is doing everything possible for him to remain here because they know how important he is. He guides and advises experienced players. During a game when the team is winning some players may be relaxed and that's what he talks about a lot. you have to be focused and always looking for another goal. That's why he has this role of leadership in this team."

Sent off from the bench against Sporting?

"If I remember correctly it was a Portuguese cup game I was on the bench. We lost 1-0 or 2-1, I was sent off for the words I used. At the time, I was a young lad and I didn't have as much experience as I do now but it was a lesson for me for the future."
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Never mind the double, how about the treble?

"Definitely. We know how difficult it is. A season here in in England is very intense, especially around the Boxing Day period when there are a lot of games in a short space of time. That is very demanding on the entire group. We know how difficult it is but we have the quality to do this. We've shown this previously and we're showing it at the moment. I think we're fully capable of meeting this achievement."

What was Ederson doing on the halfway line against United?

"I've seen that image after the game. I've been in that position various times, whether it is a corner or throw in I always look to play high up to shut down a counter by the opponents. It's something that I do a lot in games and sometimes people don't really notice. As it was a debry more people noticed."
"That's the way I play, Pep asks me to play high up and there area lot of games where you play more with your feet than your hands but you need to be prepared for everything. Sometimes it could be a counter for our team as well if there is a better passing option. it's perfectly normal and something we've been doing very well."
"It is difficult to concentrate in games when I don't see much of the ball but I always look to be constantly communicating with my teammates. A lot of the time I talk to my teammates after the game that I'm tired. A game where I don't make many saves I'm tired mentally because the mental tiredness is more tiring than the physical tiredness. Concentrating for 90 minutes is difficult, I do it better these days due to my communication with the rest of the team."

Improvement since leaving Benfica:

"Every day you accumulate experience. I left Benfica 4.5 years ago. England is a different competition to Portuguese football - different structure, atmosphere, style of football. I had to grow up and mature further. Game by game that has helped me a lot. Of course there is that period when you are less experienced. What I'm living now is a really good experience for me. I see how much I've grown and developed, how much I had to improve to get where I am today. I hope to continue in this direction and continue getting even better."

Settling in at City:

"When I came here it was just me and Bernardo. I knew him already. There were some Brazilians here as well. it was a really good adaptation players, they made me feel really welcome - and the English players. It was a very welcoming group. I've great affection and friendship groups here. I get on well with everyone and we have a joke. that has helped me on and off the pitch. It was important for me and my family."


Written by: @coIgcra

Some quotes as quoted by Manchester Evening News and Manchester City.

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