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  • Colin Cranmer

"Kyle Walker is private issue, not the place..." - Pep Guardiola pre Crystal Palace Press Conference

Pep Guardiola spoke to the press ahead of Manchester City's trip to Selhurst Park to face Crystal Palace on Saturday evening in the Premier League; the City boss discussed opposition manager Patrick Vieira, Phil Foden's availability after his knock, the Kyle Walker situation and more.


Patrick Vieira and Crystal Palace:

"I've not been with him in the locker room but his experience as a football player - he was in France [at Nice]; already had big experience and with Palace he's done a really good job."
"Premier League: every game is difficult, at home as well [as away]. Crystal Palace we struggle a lot to get results, especially at home."

Phil Foden update:

"Yeah [he's available], apparently he's okay, yeah."

Kyle Walker investigation:

"A private issue. We solve it internally with him. This is not the place to discuss private issues."
"Yeah, definitely [players need to be careful], [it is] completely different from years ago. They know it. When you open the door at home they need to know they will be filmed whatever they do. That is society."

Joao Cancelo not starting at Bayern:

"Joao [Cancelo] is a player for Bayern Munich, I don't have any comments. He's at Bayern Munich, at the end of the season we will review all the cases of players."

Manuel Pellegrini and Real Betis were training at the CFA:

"No, I couldn't see him unfortunately. He was busy in the training and I could not see him, but we have a good relation[ship] and that's all."

Photo courtesy of Getty Images

Pep complained about travel to Spurs:

"It was that day, six hours from here to the hotel. But we didn't lose to Tottenham because of that trip. That day for many reasons, the traffic, delays to trains; many hours. That day it took six hours."
"No [snow hasn't affected plans]. We will travel by plane in the night and hopefully we land safe and go to the hotel."


Written by: @colgeogcra

Some quotes as quoted by Manchester Evening News and Manchester City.

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