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"One game, it's a final" - Pep pre Peterborough Press Conference

Pep Guardiola discussed the aftermath of the Everton game two days after its conclusion and looked ahead to the next round of the FA Cup and Peterborough. The availability of his players was once again revisited and Pep also touched on the departure of Marcelo Bielsa from Leeds.


Firstly a check on the squad:

"Yeah [Oleksandr Zinchenko will figure]. I think it will be good for him to play and show the reason why he's here - a magnificent player - to play football."
"No [new absentees], some knocks but today trains everyone. [Zack Steffen] not [ready] yet, still in the gym, had a problem with his shoulder which is difficult for goalkeepers. We will decide the goalkeeper tomorrow."

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Bernardo playing further forward recently:

"Bernardo is so important, he likes to play inside but struggled a bit to find the positions in the middle, more outside to come inside. It depends on the opponent, normally they try to close gaps inside so isn't easy to find these players in the position. A key player for us for many reasons, work ethic, can play six roles upfront. Alternative we can use him during a game is massively important."
"Sometimes I need him in the positions where he can make a boost for us. He's a typical number ten behind the striker. The last two games they close the gaps players, not easy to find. Most difficult part of the game, most difficult plays is the striker because there are no spaces. When we make good build up we can find him."
"The last two games I play with Gundogan and Kevin. Raheem playing a good level and Riyad as well. I have to settle sometimes and figure out spaces and increase players close to the box. Gabby and Jack were injured so I decided for Bernardo. I said to him when you struggle you can drop to become involved with the ball."

The penalty incident against Everton:

"[It can effect the] entire season? Can this episode affect a whole season? I will review a lot of incidents. It looks offside for Richarlison, if it’s not offside, it’s a penalty..."

The mood:

"Is one game [against Everton], lose the next and momentum is over. We judge results about momentum, it's not about this. Second half was much better, we concede almost nothing in second half. Goodison Park always difficult to City, not exceptional the celebrations because we knew how difficult it will be and all the last eleven games in the Premier League. We will suffer."

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Looking ahead to Peterborough:

"One game, it's a final, they're not in the best position. A game in their stadium. We have to adapt tomorrow. We will prepare well, today, tomorrow to get to the quarter finals."

And Bielsa's Leeds departure:

"I'm so sorry for him. His legacy is there in the Leeds city, the club, the players. His influence is massive. Unfortunately the manager goes by results and lately was not good. The game he has played for 3-4 seasons in Leeds was spectacular to watch and of course I wish him all the best. It will be a loss to Leeds and his players. As a person he's not different to anyone, results dictate our future."


Written by: @coIgcra

Some quotes as quoted by Manchester Evening News and Manchester City.

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