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"If we win it's over, two points to be champions!" - Pep Guardiola pre Chelsea Press Conference

After creating history and reaching our first-ever Champions League final last Tuesday, Chelsea also beat Real Madrid to advance to the final. This game isn't only a dress rehearsal for the final though, as City can win the title with a victory. Pep Guardiola spoke ahead of the game.


First, Pep was asked about how special the Premier League with the Blues two points away.

"Always I've said the Premier League is the most important title, financially for the club qualification for the CL is the most important. But there is no doubt what is the most important thing, Of course, the CL is important, it's nice. We have four games to get two points, one victory we're going to try to get it."

Next, congratulations for Chelsea, City's final opponents in the UCL.

"First of all congrutlations to Chelsea. They put in a good performance against the best team in Real Madrid, [not thinking about the final] twenty days many things can happen. We're going to try and play with the players we decide to play."

Pep then explained that he isn't thinking about the final.

"There is not one thought about the final because we don't have the Premier League in our hands. When we have the Premier League then the focus will be on the Champions League. I'm so cautious, if you don't have it you don't have it. Saying that I could say I'm going to think about the final but nobody plays like Chelsea plays. The way we're going to play and who we're going to play will not be the same. Right now I don't know. Everybody has to be ready. I want everyone over the next two or three weeks to be ready."
"Everybody has to be ready. I want everyone over the next two or three weeks to be ready."

Pep also is well aware that one win seals the title and that it shouldn't come down to other teams.

"We have to win, it depends on us not everybody us. If we win it's over. No one had thought about what United are going to do it's in our hands. We need two points to be champions."

Pep was then asked about England's domination in European finals after Manchester City and Chelsea made it to the UCL final two years after Liverpool and Spurs.

"It was happening years ago with Spain and people were saying they are the best even though financially that period England was better. Now there's a period where English teams are going far in the CL and EL we will see what happens but my feeling is the English teams are getting better and better. I'm sure Barca, Madrid, and Bayern will be there, Inter now, Juventus and Milan hopefully can join. We know that there are many, many top clubs but it's true. Before it was Spain and now it's England."

Pep Guardiola also said he doesn't yet know his team for the UCL final.

"People might think the guys who played against Dortmund and Gladbach are going to play the final. Right now I don’t know. What I want is everyone involved in the next 2-3 weeks to prepare for the final."

Pep also has a lot of respect for Thomas Tuchel, who will face Pep in the final.

"I have a lot of respect for Thomas Tuchel. He has been in Mainz, Dortmund, PSG, and now here. The teams are always a joy to watch. I have not been working with him so I don’t know [what he does], but I am not surprised. Huge compliments for what they have done so far."

All quotes were as quoted by Manchester Evening News (@ManCityMEN)

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