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"I don't have any regrets, I couldn't demand more..." – Pep Guardiola pre Crystal Palace Presser

Pep Guardiola faced the media ahead of Crystal Palace's visit to the Etihad Stadium tomorrow for a 3 pm kick-off, with former Manchester City player and academy coach Patrick Vieria returning to Manchester for the first time as a first-team coach. Guardiola spoke about Vieria, his upcoming 200th game managing in the Premier League, Oleksandr Zinchenko, Ronald Koeman's sacking, and the prospect of Xavi replacing the Dutchman.


Pep on Patrick Vieria:

"It will be an honour to see him again. He was here in my first season here. He was an important part of Arsenal's history. After he went to New York, happy he's back at the high level, doing really well, the last games were tough. They showed their quality and I'm looking forward to seeing him. All the managers around the world have a chance to manage here [at Manchester City]."

More on Vieria:

"When a person like Patrick came to Bayern [to visit] it was an honour for me to get a visit for what he has done in world football, not just on the pitch. It's a privilege and honour, we were together a short time in Manchester. Now it changes the dynamic, the way Palace play, changing many things. They always had really good players."

Pep on exiting the League Cup:

"It's unusual because we on four times in a row, playing until the end we did many times, it wasn't bad in the other competitions. We have to improve ourselves. I'd like to have continued because the results in the PL, CL and FA Cup when we are used to playing every three days. We congratulate West Ham, it is what it is, the other teams, we prepare the week for the next games. Our experience isn't bad, we can handle playing lots of games in lots of competitions, you can't win all the time. In football, winning is the exception."
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Pep on his upcoming 200th Premier League game:

"I've been many years here. It's because you've been many years and won some games. We are judged on good results, not on how good we are or bad we are, just the results. You can get these milestones because we have done quite decent with the players. I don't have any regrets, I couldn't demand more for what we have done so far, it's impossible. I'm more than delighted with what we live in this period. Hopefully, we can continue working really well."

Another 200 games?:

"No, I don't think so."

Pep on his impact in the Premier League:

"I'm incredibly happy, we saw the team grow and grow and that's the best signal you do well. I adapt and adjust the Premier League. 200 games cannot be more satisfied, amazing for what we live and the way we want to play."

Pep on Oleksandr Zinchenko:

"Oleks has a huge personality, handles pressure easily. Lots of quality at left-back, always concentrated, doesn't make mistakes, so reliable. You can play there as an alternative [in midfield] but we struggle a lot with left-backs except the first season with Kolarov and Clichy. After that Fabian adapts well and then Oleks. If we need him in the middle he'll play good. He understands football really well, has a huge personality, we are more than delighted for the progress. Kyle and Joao have been outstanding but the season is long and we'll need him."

Pep on Ronald Koeman's sacking at Barcelona:

"Ronald and myself know exactly that we depend and live and expect and we are there for the results. Nobody can survive without results, no Koeman, no Pep. He's a friend of mine, I wish him the best and will see him soon and I'm sure he did good things for the young players in the academy. Everybody knows it, doesn't matter what you do it depends on the job."

Pep on Xavi being set to replace Koeman as coach:

"First of all, I don't know what will happen. They have an interim manager and I wish him luck, he's a close friend. Xavi, if it happens, I don't have any doubts he's ready to do the job. He knows the environment which is so important. He knows the game, he has passion. He has more experience now than I had when I took over. Koeman knows and Sergi [interim manager] knows and Xavi and I know, the success depends on the recruitment and the players. People forget we are the responsible but our influence is more minimal than people believe. The success I had was because of the quality of the players. Xavi, of course, is really good, I wish if Xavi is the next manager him all the best and hopefully step by step the team can come back."
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Pep on whether it's fair that managers are judged on results:

"If you want to change it you have to dedicate another business. It's been like this for centuries and it won't change. Society wants one guy responsible for good and bad things. Football has many things, many reasons a manager cannot control. Sport is many people, not individual sport, the results depend on many things. But in society when politicians go wrong, who is responsible. In football, it's the managers. Should be different maybe but it's not going to change. Don't do this business, we have to accept it. It's part of society, simple as that. When I took over that team, I knew from day one it was just the results. If I want to survive six seasons here it's just the results, otherwise, another manager would be sitting here now."


Written by: @NA1907_

All quotes as quoted by Manchester Evening News and Manchester City.

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