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"Printer has run out of ink" - PUMA x Manchester City Madchester shirt leaked

Manchester City's special edition 'Madchester' collection was leaked last night along with the shirt, which hasn't been met with the best reception.

'Madchester' is a nod to the musical and cultural scene that emerged in Manchester in the late1980s and early 1990s.


In April, reputable Turkish website esvaphane reported that Puma will release two special edition City x 'Madchester' kits. Esvaphane wrote that Puma would be collaborating with Manchester fashion brand Madchester to make a special collection and two shirts - that would not be used in matches - similar to the Puma x BALR collection that was released last season. The source outlined that the two shirts would be in white and 'thyme' (grey-green), and last night it was the white colourway that was leaked.

Esvaphane also leaked the collection that would complement the release of the shirt.



It's fair to say the general feeling on the shirt is one of disdain, but some fans do like it:



In a Q&A, Sam Lee of The Athletic writes that Manchester City's preseason starts on July 19th - in twelve days.

Manchester City have released their training range for the 21/22 season, which you can buy here.

Parma have announced the signing of Adrian Bernabe following the expiration of his Manchester City contract.


Written by: @NA1907_

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