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  • Colin Cranmer

Reports: Bernardo Silva in talks to extend contract at Manchester City

What brilliant news this - coming from a top tier source of information regarding Manchester City in Pol Ballus of the Times - possibly City's Player of the Season so far is in line to extend his stay at the Etihad Stadium, just months after it looked as though the Bernardo x City fairy-tale was over.


Look away now if you support the nineteen teams below Manchester City in the Premier League table; Bernardo Silva is in fact in talks to extend his contract at the Premier League champions. A scenario which was a million miles away from reality just this past summer when the unsettled star was seeking a move to Spain and the club were doing their best to facilitate it - nothing to do with Bernardo's quality, but in fact club policy in not keeping any player who does not wish to be there.

So, how has this incredible U-turn come about then? Since the summer the Portuguese has won Manchester City's Player of the Month award three times back-to-back-to-back (a award which is voted for by the fans), he's in the conversation to win the PFA Player of the Season, he's scored some incredible goals, the majority of which he's celebrated with the City fans - most notably his first of the season away at Leicester in which he turned around and 'give it large' to the away end. We think all of this may have contributed to how happy Bernardo Silva must be feeling at City now.

Maybe the best negotiator in Bernardo Silva's contract extension are us, the fans, the people who turn up week in week out and make sure he feels the love. Bernardo Silva has his own chant which is altered each year depending on where the Champions League final is held (this season: Russia). Last season Bernardo was not able to hear this chant once with the pandemic ongoing and City having no fans (haha) present at any games until a restricted crowd at the final home match. Also real-life restrictions most definitely played a part in Bernardo seeking pastures new, life in general was dull and depressing to say the least in Manchester which in turn had the player seeking a change of scenery from his apartment window, and nobody could begrudge him that at the time.

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Our most read article ever was a tribute to City's 18/19 Player of the Season from the ever so eloquent @umirf1 back in September titled 'Dear Bernardo Silva'. Now, we're biased but you must have a read if you haven't already - just like Bernardo Silva did - who got in touch with the writer himself. Bernardo could not have read this piece without getting a clear understanding of just how much he means to us, and that is an awful lot. Bernardo has felt the love on and off the pitch. Even Pep Guardiola has expressed his hope that he stays multiple times - and he might have his wish.

Bernardo Silva is already here for a while yet regarding his current contract, running to 2025, but it seems the player has taken the step to put it into doubt where his future lies. Pol suggests that City are confident of the extension, which points towards the player himself wanting to extend and the club putting that want into a contractual obligation. Just yesterday his compatriot Joao Cancelo extended his contract stating that there is "nowhere better to play football" and if Joao Cancelo says that, then it is true, because he is Joao Cancelo. Bernardo obviously acknowledges this fact.

Silva has submerged himself into life at City this season, he has felt the full effect of Manchester City Football Club, and you can see it in his eyes. Not one player this season has quite loved life at City like Bernardo has, from celebrating his goals with all the 'pashun' in his heart, he has riled opposition fans at away games and listened to 50,000+ people eulogize him at home games. His performances have been out of this world, and out of all the places in the world, he is here and he is staying (hopefully). Manchester loves Bernardo Silva and Bernardo Silva now loves Manchester.


Written by: @coIgcra

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