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  • Colin Cranmer

"Rico Lewis has played beyond my expectations" - Pep Guardiola pre Chelsea Press Conference

Pep Guardiola previews Manchester City's Thursday night Premier League away outing at Chelsea - answering questions regarding Arsenal's slip against Newcastle, the form of Rico Lewis, Chelsea's struggles this season, and Bernardo Silva's role in the team and immediate future.


Pep Guardiola:

"Happy New Year! I would say yes [I am well]!"

Team news:

"Ruben [Dias] is out and Aymeric [Laporte] we will see this afternoon [in training]."

On the opposition, Chelsea:

"Tough game, tough side, well managed. Stamford Bridge - doesn't matter the position you are when you travel there, [it is] always difficult. Same time, we're looking forward to the next few weeks in different competitions."
"It's Premier League - everyone is tough. That's why the predictions at the start of the season always my answer: I don't know. Nobody knows. We will see what happens, after World Cup many things are going to happen."

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Arsenal dropped points at home:

"The way you have to reduce the gap is to play good and win games. They have an average and they're going to do one hundred points Arsenal, if they carry on, and we won't catch them. We will see what happens..."

Controlling emotions:

"As long as you don't lose respect for everyone, football is an emotional game for everyone and sometimes it happens [lose control]. You have to express your feelings otherwise it would be boring. I don't think so [I am older and wiser], the fact you get older doesn't mean you get wiser."

Recent form:

"Except [the] Brentford game we were better than our opponents but this is about results. It's never easy when teams sit back for a long time and waiting for one action. Always it'll be, but we must find a solution and we have or else we wouldn't have achieved what we've achieved. For [the] Everton [game] I'm not completely disappointed with what we've done or upset. Hopefully we can do it in the next game when we face a team who plays this way."
"[Difficult] six weeks? Then many [more] weeks. Many things are going to happen for sure. For all clubs and all teams."
"I said many times when we've gone on big winning runs we never think about it, just next game: Chelsea, then the next one. Knowing every game is difficult we will focus on tomorrow [in] London and what we need to do."

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Bernardo Silva:

"He's a key player, so important on and off the pitch. A guy who can talk, always a nice conversation, always you learn about his humanity, his vision for the club. He's an incredible player against top sides, in decisive games he's always there. Nothing changed about his future."

Rico Lewis:

"About the [new] contract I'm not the person, it's a decision of the club. What he's done is beyond my expectations. Big games, everything is well done. He has the ability to read situations every time and always his decision is good. He never reacts after - he anticipates. He is so intelligent and we are delighted the Academy has produced another top-quality player and hopefully he can stay for a long time."


Written by: @coIgcra

Some quotes as quoted by Manchester Evening News and Manchester City.

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