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Ronaldo, Kane, and a De Bruyne injury update - Pep Guardiola Pre Arsenal Press Conference

Manchester City faces Mikel Arteta's Arsenal this Saturday in the midday kick-off as the Blues look to go into the international break with momentum. Before the game, Pep Guardiola spoke to the media to discuss Cristiano Ronaldo, Arsenal, and plenty more.


First, Pep spoke about Ronaldo interest.

"I cannot say much. Harry Kane announced continues at his club, an exceptional club like Tottenham. Cristiano was at Juventus, I think a Juventus player. Only I can say that in three or four days left in the transfer window everything can happen. In my personal view there are few players, Ronaldo and Messi included, that they decide where they are going to play. They are the leading role in the negotiations. Right now I'm delighted with the squad we have and we'll stay the same."

More on CR7...

"I say the same, Cristiano will decide where he wants to play, not Man City or myself. Right now seems far away, Today is a tough press conference for myself, tomorrow we have a tough game. The conference will be other issues. We are incredibly grateful to enjoy the best two players we have seen in the last 30 years. We can only say thank you. They were amazing every single season, what they have done, honestly, I don't think we'll watch something similar in the future."
"I am incredible happy with the squad I have, more than satisfied. We are the same guys, Sergio leaves Jack arrives. I say the same, these type of players decide. A little bit left because we have to negotiation. Messi decide to go to Paris and he went to Paris. They knock the door, they call. After that I cannot control. I am focused on what we have to do and the players I have."

"Cristiano will decide where he wants to play, not Man City or myself."

Now a response to quotes taken about Pep leaving the club in 2023.

"I am so delighted to answer. I am not thinking to leave after two years. I can leave in two months if the result isn't good or the organisation is tired of with me or I cannot handle these players. I can leave in three months or five years. What I said is after my period at City I will take a break. That's for sure. It can be in one month, two years, five years. Right now I don't have reasons to leave. I am [not] thinking in two years I am going to leave Manchester City. I am more than committed to this season, we are going to try to do better, especially to play better that is my target this season. That's for sure, when I'm finished I'll take a rest. Almost 12-13 years without not much a stop, I wanted to do something else, after that maybe a new team or national team if someone wants me. I didn't say in this period I'll finish in City after two years. I wanted to clarify."
Photo courtesy of Dave Thompson/Imago

Next, Pep's response to the Kane deal falling apart.

"The club did everything. We didn't talk about Tottenham not even one offer, they didn't want to negotiate. When one team doesn't want to negotiate, nothing to say. Understandable, they didn't want to talk. The moment they open the door maybe it happens. If they wanted £200m we wouldn't pay it, we don't have it. We tried, but the big master of negotiations Daniel Levy knows everything, we couldn't do it. Maybe I'd do the same. He's a Tottenham player and I wish him the best in the last years of his career doing well in London."
"The club did everything. We didn't talk about Tottenham not even one offer, they didn't want to negotiate."

Pep then spoke on the club's position to block players from going to international duty in red-listed countries due to COVID quarantine restrictions.

"I have to speak to the club with the last meetings with the league. We spoke, it's no sense to go to national teams play Thursday and we have Leicester and Champions League and they cannot play. I think the position of the club they cannot travel. They spoke with the club, we have to today tomorrow to say what the position is. All the clubs, it's a problem for the calendar. We are trying to unify. The government has to follow the rules of the scientists. It's no sense (if they have to isolate and miss games)."

On the statues to be unveiled tomorrow of David Silva and Vincent Kompany, the boss said:

"Decision for the club, for our chairman. Big compliment to them for their exceptional career. It helps to be who we are right now. Hopefully David and Vincent can be happy for this gesture and I'm sure there will be more players in the future. They help me a lot, Vincent was an exceptional captain. Incredible leader, inspires many moments. I'm sure he will be a manager here at City, this is my wish. David was consistent when we won 100 points 98 points a key player. Few players I saw so dominant moving in the pockets, he was leading through example doing the way you have to be professional. I was grateful and honoured."

Now the injury latest on Kevin De Bruyne.

"He's getting better but still not fit."

And on Mikel Arteta and Arsenal...

"Two games. They have played two games, not 20 or 50. Sometimes I think the managers are crazy to do the job. They trust a lot in Mikel because they spend money to reinforce the team. Why we don't give more time to build teams, the people who want success immediately, anything is for granted, you need time. The opinion we have here, we know what it is."

Writer: j2mcfc

All quotes as quoted by Manchester Evening News.

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