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"The best team in the world" - Pep Guardiola pre Brighton Press Conference

Pep Guardiola spoke to the press in his penultimate pre match press conference of Manchester City's Premier League campaign, looking ahead to facing Brighton at the Amex on Wednesday. After lifting the title at home on Sunday, Pep spoke on motivation for the final two games, the condition of the playing squad, including Nathan Ake, and Roberto De Zerbi and Brighton.


Final two:

"The two teams we have to play in the Premier League deserve our attention and credit. We have some players with niggles. The finals are the main target. To play as best as possible we have to be completely focussed in these two games, they are really good teams."

Credit to everyone:

"Everyone, the influence is for everyone. Five minutes can be as important as the rest of the minutes. Everyone has been involved for the fact that we are where we are."

Roberto De Zerbi, impressed?

"A lot. Congratulates for this incredible achievement to be in the Europa League. Roberto is one of the most influential managers in the last twenty years. There is no team playing in the way they play, it's unique."

"I have the feeling they arrive in the Premier League, the impact would be great. I couldn't expect in this short time. Creates 20/25 chances in each game. Monopolises the ball, everyone is involved, the keeper is like a holding midfielder. If you don't play a high level, they can do what they want."
"They deserve the compliments and success they have. I try to learn a lot, is unique, like a Michelin star restaurant. The best cook in Catalonia change completely the cuisine, Brighton is playing unique. It's special, the way they move, a good incredible challenge for us."
"The time to make decisions. Brighton is a master to passing to the man free, but when. Moving at the right time. The best team in the world for the tempo and the pass to the man free. How aggressive without the ball, Potter instils something really good. The way they do the process with the keeper. When the opponent move, I move, pass the ball. With the right tempo, they are the best."

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Brighton and Brentford rely on data science:

"It looks like it works. Brentford plays completely different to Brighton. We beat Brighton but they were better than us in the second half and we suffer. Brentford beat us thoroughly. At the end you have info, of course the data cannot give you as a person, mentality, the way they play. Has to be related to the manager they have. More than information, you have to smell it."


"I prefer to be already champion, but maybe to be really committed against United and Inter, [we have to] be in contention to win the Premier League. They have the party after the game. I don't know how they feel. They have to be ready to run a lot. The best way to prepare for the final is be ready. The players set the standards, they have to maintain it. It's normal the energy would drop."

"Arsenal play for just the Premier League [in the final few months] - we have FA Cup, Champions League - the energy we spend is massive. It's normal you drop, have to avoid it or don't drop much. Otherwise the two teams [in the two finals] can hurt us. Play our game, adapt the way we play, arrive to United and Inter in the best condition possible."

Ilkay Gundogan contract update:

"I cannot tell you, because I don't know."

Nathan Ake fitness:

"Getting better. I don't know for tomorrow or Brentford but is at the last stage. His second injury, we have to be careful."

Erling Haaland improvement?

"What he has to do is be happy and play the best he can for the rest of the season and next season. He decides what he can do better, I'm not concerned about next season. Try to be better and have the best mentality to do it."

Photo courtesy of Getty Images


Written by: @colgeogcra

Some quotes as quoted by Manchester Evening News and Manchester City.

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