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"The club and myself are happy together" - Pep Guardiola pre Brentford Press Conference

Pep Guardiola spoke ahead of Manchester City's final game before the World Cup, where he discussed a range of topics, including what the team will be like for the Carabao Cup fourth round tie against Liverpool which takes place a few days after the World Cup final, how happy he is at City right now, and looking ahead to the Premier League game against Brentford on Saturday.


Kalvin Phillips and Kyle Walker updates, again:

"Kalvin [Phillips] you saw it, he's ready. Kyle [Walker] not [ready] yet. It's a decision from Gareth [Southgate], [I] support 100% his decisions. I'm not involved. After Saturday, the players belong to national teams, not us. I'm not worried."

Liverpool in the Carabao Cup:

"When they come back [we'll see team news], depends how they finish the World Cup. See how many players we have and the positions. We will decide. It depends how they finish the time with the national teams."
"He's [Jurgen Klopp] going to play at left-back, I'm going to play holding midfielder. I don't know how many players we have..."
"Riyad unfortunately doesn't go [to the World Cup], Erling [Haaland], Sergio [Gomez], Rico [Lewis]. The rest go to the World Cup. If they go through group stage, last 16, quarter -finals. Then they have days off. Players for their own selections don't go the group stages, they will be able to play against Liverpool. If not, we will see."

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Who will win the World Cup?

"I don't know, I'd like to tell you. Many teams have a chance. I don't know what will happen against Brentford tomorrow..."

The opposition, Brentford:

"Same manager, same style, change a bit this season the shape. I remember how tough it was to beat them, will be quite similar. I don't know how the minds of all the players will be. Early kick off, always a little more complicated. Last game before the [World Cup] stop, we have to do our best."
"I don't think about [what would happen after] a disappointing result, I'm always positive. I cannot answer exactly what will happen but always I'm positive. If it's not positive, we'll come back. Brentford also want to finish best as possible before the break."

Erling Haaland fit to start?

"We'll see. Training this afternoon and we'll see. He's a little better."
"I'd prefer him to go to the World Cup, unfortunately they [Norway] didn't qualify. He'll recover hopefully perfectly his injury. He'll be few days in Marbella, Norway, hopefully come back to train. I'd love [Norway to be at the World Cup] like Riyad [Mahrez] [with Algreia] but is what it is."

New contract?

"I don't talk about that, everything is under control. Together with the club. Tomorrow [against Brentford] is important."
"I said many times, I have the feeling the club and myself are happy together. Tomorrow: Brentford is only important thing. After if we feel it both sides, we will see."
"Having fun [is my motivation]. In the stressful moments, it's not always happy, things don't always work as you think. I'm not alone. It's not about achievements. six or seven years, seeing you are comfortable here."

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Pep Guardiola influence on Mikel Arteta?

"I'd like to say a lot [of influence from me] but I'd lie to you. Mikel [Arteta], worked together three years. He was taught since he was born. Maybe I learned more off him than [him off me] when we worked together."
"Arsenal belongs the work ethic, talent, the support. Mikel [Arteta] had in the bad moment in the beginning, support in the decisions unconditionally. People see how he works every day, the commitment. He's patient, all the managers want time to build something. Arsenal give it to him, the rest is the position they have."
"We have made an incredible season, they [Arsenal] have been better. We want to be there as close as possible to them, the season is so long. Many things will happen, many tough games. Relax and see what happens."
"Compared to previous seasons [Arsenal are better], that's for sure. Not the only ones. Last season not a contender to win the Premier League, this season [they] will be."


Written by: @coIgcra

Some quotes as quoted by Manchester Evening News and Manchester City.

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