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"We have training later on and we will see..." - Pep Guardiola pre West Ham United Press Conference

Pep Guardiola spoke to the press as his Manchester City side face West Ham United in the Premier League on Wednesday night; the City boss was asked about the availability of Nathan Ake and Kevin De Bruyne, the fixture schedule, managers getting sacked, and Erling Haaland.


Firstly, the condition of Nathan Ake and Kevin De Bruyne:

"Nathan trained with us yesterday. he feels good. Kevin started to move but didn't train with the team [yet]. We have training in a few hours, we will see how they feel."
"Yeah, [Nathan Ake will be available against West Ham]."
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Erling Haaland breaking records:

"Of course it's good for him and the team if he breaks the record [most goals in a Premier League season]. It's a record because for a long, long time [anyone] didn't break it, maybe one day someone will break the one Erling sets because I think he is going to score a lot more goals in the Premier League before the end of the season.

BREAKING: Managers are getting sacked:

"Like every job. I think these kind of things happen in the past with a lot of countries I remember when I was a player the rumours, expectations, they give long contracts but then it's over. Managers know if they don't get results they're at risk of being sacked, new ones, old ones. We need results, absolutely. If you are in this business you have to understand, it doesn't matter where you come from, who you are, you are in danger to lose your position as a manager. Taking risks with different tactics is a risk but staying the same [tactics] is also a risk. You have to know it. Sometimes, football is less about tactics more about the chemistry that you build. When the connection is good, results are good, sometimes if the connection doesn't work the results aren't good. We managers are not the only ones who feel pressure, directors, CEOs. Today is the reality, when you start as manager you know it. I'm sitting here but if results weren't good I'd be sacked."

Managing can be tiring:

"I’m tired, but not my legs. There is one more month and a week for sure, we fight for two weeks more. We play the last six or seven years in this situation, plays six or seven games in one month, how many times? A lot. It happened a lot of times. Everything is here - the mental strength will be there. This period, it’s the best period we can live. We are not tired. If you are tired, and you have positive thoughts, you are not tired. Now is another opportunity. With just six games left, we have to recover and go for it. If one player is tired: hands up, because if you don't put your hand up, you are ready - and when you are ready you have to perform well, for you, for your team-mates to win the game."

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Hoping Arsenal drop points vs Chelsea?

"I don't control their results, I'm concentrating on West Ham. Maybe they [West Ham] haven't done as well as they expected because last year under David Moyes they were exceptional but the quality is there. Set pieces they are maybe one of the best, scored three against Crystal Palace, Antonio attacks the channels. Declan Rice is an exceptional player, I am not going to discover him. The weapons are there. The team is there, I don't have any doubts. In one game, anything can happen so we have to be ready."


Written by: @colgeogcra

Some quotes as quoted by Manchester Evening News and Manchester City.

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