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  • Colin Cranmer

"Yeah, he's going to play" - Pep Guardiola pre Manchester United, FA Cup Final Press Conference

Pep Guardiola's final domestic press conference of the season as he previews arguably Manchester City's biggest domestic game this season, the FA Cup final against Manchester United at Wembley Stadium. City's head coach fielded questions on the fitness of his squad, who would start in goal, Erik Ten Hag, Bernardo Silva, and previewing the game and the opposition.


The game:

"It's the final of the FA Cup and it's a pleasure to be here. It should be good for us if we have to think about what we have to do to win one game - nothing changes to analyse the strength of our opponents and the weaknesses they have - it's a football game, we can't control what happens outside."
"A final is special for itself but United from the last four, five six months are a completely different team. Now I have the feeling from the beginning of the season is different and they have improved. It's United, so the qualities of players have always been here."

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Roma fans attacked Anthony Taylor after Europa final:

"I'm so sorry for the images I saw, for Anthony Taylor. Hopefully it does not happen again. There is nothing else I can say."


"I don't know him personally but when he was in Madrid I had info on how professional he is. I was convinced he would not come here for holidays in the last years of his career."

Grealish and De Bruyne fitness:

"They trained well the last two training sessions. They are more or less fine."

Bernardo's last FA Cup game?

"We have one more game in the Champions League final. I wish not, but I don't know."

Erik Ten Hag:

"I was not in the training sessions for Manchester United this week. I don't know [what he is going to do]. If he does [some surprises] then we will have to read it as best as possible in the first five or ten minutes."

"It's not easy the first season in the Premier League, I know myself, so that defines a really good manager. I cannot say we are friends as we are not in touch much; but I think Man United has an exceptional manager for many, many years."

Practice penalties?

"Occasionally, yeah. I always think with penalties it's an important skill with the mentality."

Stefan Ortega starts?

"Yeah, he's going to play. It's always been the same in the cups, even with Barcelona and Munich, so he's going to play in the FA Cup [final]."

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Written by: @colgeogcra Some quotes as quoted by Manchester Evening News and Manchester City. Follow our Twitter account for reliable, live updates on all the latest news surrounding this story and everything Manchester City in real time.

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