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"You'll see on the pitch..." - Pep Guardiola and Ruben Dias pre Bayern Munich Press Conference

Pep Guardiola and Ruben Dias speak to the press ahead of Bayern Munich's visit to the Etihad Stadium for the Champions League quarter-final first leg. Pep Guardiola spoke on how much City want to win the competition, the current form, and a range of other topics, whilst Ruben Dias discussed Bayern Munich's threats, City's threats, City's charge for the treble, and much more.


First, it's Pep Guardiola, on how much City want to win the Champions League:

"A lot!"
"We want to try against an elite club like Bayern Munich. You have to deserve it, we try to do the first [leg] tomorrow."
"The question comes since six, seven years ago. it comes every single season. We tried every single season but there are teams that you face that they are good too..."
"We want to try like all the time but it doesn't mean we're going to win. Michael Jordan won six NBA titles, how many seasons he play? 16. He lost more than he won."
"We have to be perfect to get a good result to go Germany. The importance is that we're still there."

Andrew Robertson and the linesman 'incident':

"I heard it but didn't see it. I was watching Bayern Munich and the golf."

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Champions League final defeat to Thomas Tuchel's Chelsea:

"It's happened, we reviewed the game a month later and it wasn't as bad as I thought. It was a tight game but we forget it and we try again. Sometimes you win when you deserve, sometimes you lose. I don't live in the past. It's part of the game."

Julian Naglesmann was recently sacked:

"Both are creative managers and the shapes they play. It would be difficult against Naglesmann and it will be difficult against Tuchel."
"I was surprised [when Chelsea sacked Tuchel] as I was with Naglesmann [being sacked]. I cannot give a real opinion. When a manager is sacked and the next manager is doing well, people say it's a good decision. When opposite, they miss the old manager."

City's good form:

"What I can say is that players react really well. In this competition it's not about the form in the Premier League. it counts how you perform in the ninety minutes. This competition is good, it doesn't count what you did three days ago."

On his tactics for the Champions League final vs Chelsea:

"I overthink because I lost. Regardless about it [how we play], if we lose, we lose. Maybe some decisions were wrong but maybe I make another one and it's exceptional..."
"Going well: good decision, going bad: bad decision. There are reasons why we take decisions. I don't give too much credit to say how brilliant I was [when it goes right]. Right in that moment. I see the players and see how they connect and the opponent and take the decision."
"It's not about regret, it's not going to change the now, so it's normal. Before the game, I plan for this reason and this reason. If it happens: I'm right, if it doesn't: I'm not."

Erling Haaland bought to win the Champions League?

"He is so important for us. He came to help us to try and win the Champions League but at the same time daily in the FA Cup and Premier League as well."
"It's important to have a player who can score from nothing. [But,] against Monaco we score six goals and are out. Against Tottenham, four goals and we're out. Against Real Madrid, four goals and we are out. We have always scored goals, that was not the problem in general."

At Bayern for three years, still at City, why?

"In my hometown, in my country, in my club, what a dream, to start a ball boy and now a manager. When Bayern Munich call you have to go. This train only passes once. I don't regret one second what happened there and how they took care of my family."
"When I came here I didn't expect to same as long as we are but in life, what you plan for the future doesn't normally happen. I'm here, that's all."

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Thomas Tuchel's Bayern:

"They are so creative, very good attacking players."
"We have to score goals, it is a good test for us. Like I said before, when we start a game we have to perform our best."


"I don't want to talk about Napoli because the manager will be grumpy with me. So sensitive..."

Champions League experience:

"As much you play this competition, quarter-finals, semi-finals, finals with the same players, it's easier. It's the feeling 'I've been here and I know what to do'. We have played just one Champions League final in our life. But both sides, the moment you start the game you have to be at your best. That will make the difference."

Bayern won't sit back:

"Bayern are not built for the second leg, they are built to win. If they defend more than usual, it's because we are doing well. But if we don't, we will defend more than usual. But, I don't know what's going to happen tomorrow..."


Ruben Dias now, talking ambition:

"I think first of all, [we have to have] ambition, I think that will be the key. It will be a balanced game between very two good teams. The details will make the difference."

Bundesliga a weaker league, advantage City?

"After everything Bayern has done always, we know we are up against a difficult side and obviously Premier League is different than the Bundesliga but we know it will be balanced between us and we are very sharp knowing that all details will matter."

Coming up against Cancelo:

"It will be strange because not very long ago we were fighting together but it is what it is, it's football and decisions have been made. It will be good to play against him and see him again. Especially after our time here together, we have built a special relationship so we've been in contact but when the game starts each one will be on their own side."

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Change of Bayern manager, change of plan:

"Suddenly everything changes, its the most difficult thing to catch up on. We will do our best to be ready."

Patience when injured and out of the side:

"Like I said before, I think our team gets fed by these moments. It is what it is, it's football, it's our job to be ready for it, firstly for the team and finding the answer in yourself it's about staying positive and keep doing the best you can to help the team the most with our own ability. Football changes and that's why you always need to keep sharp."
"It was a difficult time, the last two games of the World Cup. It was not an easy period because of the importance of the competition but I came back and I'm here to help."

The will to win the Champions League:

"The hunger is there to win. It will be a difficult match and we have to be at our best. I think every season that begins: the work you have to do is the stay in Premier League [title race], Champions League. We've done very well but it's not enough - you either do it or not."

Champions League final defeat still sting?

"A wise man once said to me: "we didn't lose the final, we just got one step closer." I keep these words close to me. Every year it's about getting closer and closer. We're still in the pursuit and we'll keep fighting."
"It's never easy to lose a final like that. I'm never the guy to think too much about losing a big opportunity. In the next five minutes I'll be looking for the next one."

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No point comparing:

"I cannot compare previous years because every year football changes. but I can guarantee that we are here and will fight for everything."

'Bayern have Sane, Mane, Gnabry, Musiala, and Davies - all very fast players, can they frighten you in this tie?'

"We have some names as well, we've got: Kyle Walker, Manuel Akanji, me, Nathan Ake, John Stones, Aymeric Laporte, Sergio Gomez - we've also got our names."

'A criticism of the City defence - apart from Kyle Walker - is the lack of pace there, but you would back your defence against the pace of Bayern?'

"We'll see..."

'Why will we see?'

"You'll see on the pitch."


Written by: @colgeogcra

Some quotes as quoted by Manchester Evening News and Manchester City.

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